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Managed Services, the Key to Greater Innovation and Growth

Looking into the next three to five years, I can guarantee only a few things. Enterprise IT operations will become more complex, CIOs will carry a greater burden to drive innovation and growth, and managed services will become a mainstream … Continue reading

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Is Your Enterprise Mobility Strategy Ready to Roll?

First your mobile employees who transport goods and conduct site visits got the technology they needed, tracking locations and scanning barcodes with purpose-built devices and single-function apps. Then your customers downloaded your friendly, sociable app onto their phones to transact … Continue reading

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Converged Infrastructure. Is it the Solution or the Problem?

It’s official, converged infrastructure is the next big thing. Once again, the pace of innovation in the tech industry is driving some CIOs wild with excitement and scaring the bejesus out of others. Is CI the solution whose time has … Continue reading

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SAP sees the future of enterprise IT. And its name is HANA.

When SAP announced last month that their next generation of business applications will run exclusively on their HANA database, they were careful not to understate. “It’s maybe the biggest innovation in enterprise IT in history, not only for SAP, but … Continue reading

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Big Data is the New Tech Battleground

This year will redefine business intelligence. The smartest, most competitive companies will evolve from using market data to map the past, to using it to chart the future. All it takes is being able to make sense of the baffling amount … Continue reading

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Microsoft Will Beat Out Amazon and Google In Enterprise Technology

If you remember being frustrated by the technology at work, when LANs crashed and Word unexpectedly quit, when Lotus was to blame for bereft in-house systems, when a Blackberry suddenly looked like a walkie-talkie next to the iPhone, then you’ll … Continue reading

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