The First Steps to Begin Your Data-Driven Transformation Journey

The First steps

The Challenges are Real

Today’s businesses are faced with an exponential growth in data that must be stored, protected and managed.  This exploding data presents new and unique operational challenges, especially given the fact that the data loses integrity very quickly.

As businesses engage in the data assessment process to uncover patterns and other telltale symptoms of hidden issues, they are looking for cradle to grave protection and the tools to make the most of the data being collected. However, examining an enterprise’s master data strategy within or across multiple systems to ensure quality and accuracy can be a daunting task. So where should you begin?

The Answer is Simple

The answer is Data Assessment. Data Assessment is a structured approach in developing a deeper understanding of the existing data environment and in creating a plan that optimizes the overall usage of the data.

Taking a hard look at a company’s data often reveals costly issues such as duplicate and misaligned customer, asset, materials related, vendor and financial data. Proactively identifying and correcting these types of data problems can yield millions of dollars in savings for large entities.

How It Works

The ultimate goal in the Data Assessment process is to determine where your company currently stands, to identify the gaps and to provide comprehensive, salient recommendations.

The first step is a Data Discovery Workshop that brings together your IT and line of business professionals with experienced data strategy consultants to engage in both business and technology discussions.  These discussions will help to identify your business objectives, challenges, expected business benefits and values. The goal is to have each party aligned to the use cases within your business that would benefit from modern data analytics.

Once the use case scenarios have been identified in the Data Discovery Workshop, the next stage is to look at your current-state data, architecture, system and user persona in support of the identified use cases. What data do you need, and how do you pair it with specific cognitive technologies?

The final result of the evaluation and analysis will be presented in a high level roadmap with progression steps outlining dates, outcomes and resource plans for data and business transformation.

Get Your Data-Driven Transformation Journey Started

A journey of a thousand steps starts with one step.

A disciplined data optimization strategy will enable you to manage your current capacity and growth requirements, cost effectively manage your IT infrastructure , meet the performance SLA’s of your most mission critical applications, protect the data assets of your organization and archive data for long term retention.

Blair Technology Solutions Inc.’s comprehensive Data Assessment strategy can help you to determine the criteria most important to your organization’s data integrity and usefulness.  This, in turn, can help to guide the development of a successful big data optimization model specifically designed for your organization. Implementation of this model can then drive the savings all organizations are striving to realize.

Contact us today to start your Data-Driven Transformation journey.

About johnjblair

John J. Blair is the President and CEO of Blair Technology Solutions responsible for technology, innovation, and providing customized IT strategies to strengthen operations for enterprises across various industry verticals. His reputation is renowned as a results-driven leader, whose effective team-building skills and strategic development expertise have helped his clients achieve IT business success with cost-effective solutions. With almost 35 years in the IT industry, John has established a highly skilled team with expertise in providing personalized and customized IT solutions to a variety enterprises across Canada. Under his tutelage, his company is committed to customer service excellence, providing IT professional technicians to support the ongoing growth and needs of any IT department. Always on the leading edge of emerging technologies, John entered into the Managed Services field early and developed a Managed Services division under the Blair brand. John holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Concordia University and has many industry certifications.
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