Embrace the Power of the Cloud or be Left Behind

Embrace cloudCloud-computing could be the biggest buzzword of the past few years, although it is still something people don’t know much about. Much of the public is not even aware that they use cloud on a daily basis through online banking, e-commerce, social networking and file sharing. And while cloud has little to do with the weather, it is changing the way companies do business.

Many companies are slow to adopt the cloud into their IT environment due to the difficulty of on-boarding all employees and their devices, the potential security risks and sometimes, plain uncertainty and fear of a new technology*. All of these are understandable concerns, as sticking with a well established and known IT process is often easier than introducing something new.

I recognize it may not be easy, but it will be required, because under no uncertain terms, the failure of manufacturing companies to embrace the power of the cloud will lead to their demise within a five-year time period.

In 2014, Amazon will cement its place as the number one threat to manufacturers because of their use of the cloud. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is Amazon’s fastest growing cloud service and adds incredible amounts of server capacity to its arsenal on a daily basis, allowing their customers to benefit and allowing AWS continued expansion to new customers.**

This cloud service can set up models based on customer needs, allowing them to plug-in at their convenience, pay-per-use and calculate the amount of storage they need. These traits are desirable in terms of cost as well as speed of service, as IT Departments are often much slower at provisioning IT infrastructure in a timely fashion and requests will often get lost in the queue.

The options for businesses quickly become:

1. Embrace the cloud and move forward or,

2. Hold out with the hope that the (storm) cloud to pass and watch your business get left behind.

The choice is clear to me.

What are your thoughts about the adaption of the cloud into businesses? Do you think it’s inevitable or something that can be avoided? I look forward to your thoughts below.

*(ciozone.com: Companies Slow to Adapt to Cloud Computing)

**(zdnet.com: AWS 101)


About johnjblair

John J. Blair is the President and CEO of Blair Technology Solutions responsible for technology, innovation, and providing customized IT strategies to strengthen operations for enterprises across various industry verticals. His reputation is renowned as a results-driven leader, whose effective team-building skills and strategic development expertise have helped his clients achieve IT business success with cost-effective solutions. With almost 35 years in the IT industry, John has established a highly skilled team with expertise in providing personalized and customized IT solutions to a variety enterprises across Canada. Under his tutelage, his company is committed to customer service excellence, providing IT professional technicians to support the ongoing growth and needs of any IT department. Always on the leading edge of emerging technologies, John entered into the Managed Services field early and developed a Managed Services division under the Blair brand. John holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Concordia University and has many industry certifications.
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